Leaves, blossoms and a baby fish

New leaves on the Cape Primrose

I was wrong about what was happening with the streptocarpus.  It isn’t putting out flower stalks, it’s putting out leaves . . . lots of ’em!  There has got to be nearly a dozen recognizable full leaves sprouting from the junction and stems of the three newest mature leaves.  I’ve never seen the streptocarpus do this before!  I’m eager to see it start blooming.   The long blossom stalks with paired purple hearted white trumpets are really striking.

Blossom stalk on the Cape Primrose

The begonia from the old wall is putting out blossom stalks.  In the old wall, once blossoms appeared  it bloomed continuously.  The blossoms aren’t particularly spectacular . . . but the presentation is great; white blossom clusters at the end of a long stalk.

Wadly’s got live bearing fish in his aquarium.  Apparently the conditions are conducive.  We how have a baby something in there.  We’re thinking it’s probably a guppy, though there’s a small chance it could be a sword or molly.  We’ve been watching it grow and it’s now about half the size of the male guppy or the same size as the white clouds.  We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what it turns into.  He’s big enough now he no longer spends all his time hiding in the weeds.  Previously we only saw him dart out of the weeds to eat at feeding time.

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