Hardening off in the gutter

With LouAnn’s plants in the gutter waiting for the building of her wall, I’ve got to have a better way to control the depth of the water in the gutter.  It doesn’t need to flood for long, but it does need to flood reliably without running water over the top of the gutter onto the floor (yeah, that happened <sigh>).

So I did a bit of building and I now have a stand pipe in the gutter.

Recycled fitting stuck in a measured length of poly water pipe, 1½" of bicycle inner tube and a rubber band

I had intended to use a different fitting but the hole I drilled was just a bit too large.  Note to self, buy more sizes of hole saws.

With a “never say die” attitude, I started scrounging.

In one of our bins in the shop I found an 8″ long piece of poly water pipe with the fitting still stuck inside.  Ever tried to remove a fitting from poly pipe?  You’re better off buying a new fitting.  The assembly was just what I needed for a launching point for the gutter standpipe.  It wasn’t big enough to fill the too-large hole and I had no way to fasten it in, but it was the start I needed.  With a short length of bicycle tubing (always some of that hanging around) and a rubber band, I had the makings of a nice gutter seal/stand pipe.

Stand pipe installed in the bottom of the gutter.

I pulled the inner tube down until is acted as a sleeve at the end of the poly pipe and over the hip of the fitting.  I pulled a rubber band out of my stash and slid that over the upper end of the inner tube to act as a center for rolling the inner tube, applied aquarium sealer around the valley above the fitting hip and slid the assembly in the bottom of the hole in the gutter.  While Wadly held it in place I smeared more aquarium sealer around the gutter opening at the top and rolled the inner tube down until it snugged up tight against the bottom of the gutter.  I cleaned up all the extraneous aquarium sealer and it’s ready to go.  I still have to drill a couple weep holes and connect the fitting to the aquarium.

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