Happy hoya bumble

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I have a hoya that blooms prolifically every summer.  Wadly’s pretty sensitive to the perfume the hoya releases as an attractant.  It’s a moth pollinator so it’s a “smell good at night” plant.  I’ve got to admit, the volume of scent it produces is significant and when there are more than a one or two blossoms going at once, it can run us right out of the house.  The plant easily puts out a dozen or more blossoms at a time.

Rather than trim the blossoms off when they get to the strongly scented point, we moved the plant out for the summer.

I have an awning with translucent fiberglass wiggle board roof over one of our outside doors.  Wadly mounted old refrigerator grates high up in the awning and we spread the hoya out there for the summer.  The bumble bees are VERY happy, especially when they can get to the hoya before it sucks in all its droplets of sweetly scented nectar for the day.

This particular bumble is really big, twice the size of the biggest bumbles I’ve seen so far.  The hoya is on its second run of blossoms for the summer and the count is an even dozen.  The bumbles have a nest inside the front of the Airstream.  We can see them come and go.  My grapes were almost exclusively pollinated by bumbles this year so I know I’ve got a good hive in there.

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