Wadly made a town run before the holiday and picked up an 8’x6′ piece of carpet padding felt and a spool of cord (structural netting).  Except for the backing I have all the bits I need for the new 5’x5′ plant wall.  Oh, minus the stainless staples . . . I don’t have those yet.  Oh, and minus the tubing . . . I have to pick that up as well.  And minus the stainless screws and fender washers.  <sigh>  Okay, I’m not quite as ready as I thought.  But I’m getting closer!

I promise to give step by step instruction with pictures this time.  I’m going to do it just a bit different . . . oh, you guessed that, did you?  <grin>   I want to see if I can find a piece of plexiglass to use as the gutter.  I need a piece that’s about 10″ wide by 5′ long with a bit of a bend down it’s length.  I’ll have to see what I can find.

Wadly got the felt for $10 total because the business is closing up shop.  I’m going to have to go by and see if I can snag the rest of the roll.  I may not get it at that good of a price but I gotta try.

Wadly got me a gorgeous magenta moth orchid for Christmas.  Isn’t that sweet?!  I’m gonna stick it in the new plant wall.

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