Getting started

Seed bed in wall gutter

I’m way behind in getting seeds started for my outdoors grow bed.  I brought in the seed starter tray I used last year to start seeds for the three of us.  I just couldn’t make myself jump through the hoops.

I cut up some coco coir mat (liner for a wire hanging basket)

Leaves poking out of the coco coir

to use as seed beds in my gutter.  I laid a bed of gravel and set the coco coir in so the bottom side is flooded each time the wall is fed.

I planted a range of stuff . . . lettuce, tomatoes, oregano, chives . . . and I already have something showing leaves.  If I had to guess I’d say it’s lettuce.  Germination is six to fourteen days according to pack.  Try four days!  How rockin’ is that?!   With 80° water warming the seeds it accelerates the germination!

When I get LouAnn’s wall built and her plants are no longer in my gutter I may fill the rest of the gutter with pea gravel and plant it.  That would be cool!

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