Flood and drain versus drip

The begonia in the gutter has more flower stalks and bigger leaves even though the plant is the wall is older and has more leaves.

My plant wall has two systems.  The wall itself is a drip system.  The nutrients drip down the roots.  The gutter, however, is a flood and drain system.

This morning I was catching up on posts on WindowFarms and read a post by Ed where he has modified the bottle window farm into a flood and drain system.  Brilliant!  His post caused me to look at my wall and evaluate its health/growth in comparison to the plants in the gutter.

The begonia in the gutter is faster growing with more flower stalks and bigger leaves.  That’s pretty definite as far as supporting evidence goes.

So the moral here is, if it’s food you’re interested in growing, flood and drain is going to be more efficient/effective.

4 thoughts on “Flood and drain versus drip

  1. Thank you for posting your evidence! I think bc of your findings and Ed so kindly posting his genius windowfarm modifucation, I am going to try it!

  2. Hi there, I’m from Singapore and have been following your blog for a while, especially on the postings on your plants and animals. I think you’ve done a great job and so do keep going!
    Here’s the website of a company here that I’ve been checking out too, just to share for your reading pleasure: http://www.greenology.sg/

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