Filling in the background

Getting background plants set

I still have a lot of plants to add to the wall.  Mary and I are waiting for a sunny day to take apart the original plant wall and get those plants set into the new wall.  I also have an orchid (Christmas present) and a couple fleshy flowery things, but they’re the last things to go in the wall because they’ll stick out right where my bod needs to be when I’m planting.  If I stick them in the wall now I’ll end up breaking them.  <wince>  No point going there.

I’ve started cutting apart the plant that has resided in the bathroom for long enough to send out long tendrils which had fastened themselves to the wall.  Does that sound like a great plant wall present or what!

I can’t tell you what this little thing is.  If you happen to know, please tell me.  At some point I’ll do a search and find out what it is.  Each leaf node puts out little roots which grip whatever it’s planted in/next to.  I’ve opened a hole in the felt for the stem and held the vine up against the felt with stainless t-pins slanted into the felt at an acute angle.  Once the vines “get a grip” I’ll remove the t-pins.

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