English ivy

English Ivy running across the top and cactus in lower left corner

I got both my English ivy in the wall far to the left about midway up the wall.  One had roots on it, the stem on the other broke when I was removing the dirt so it’s in the wall as a cutting.  I won’t fasten the stem of the ivy (the oldest of the two is about 12′ long) to the wall until all the other plants are in and established.  At that point I’ll u-pin the stem to the felt around the outer edge until it gets roots to hold the stem in place.

I also got one of the cactus that LouAnn gave me planted as well as three jade plant cuttings (almost to the bottom, just right of center).  You can click the image to enlarge it to see the detail.

The wood fern front looks great.  It doesn’t grow terribly fast but it will be striking as the wall growth matures.

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