Cydwoq (‘sidewalk’)

Cydwoq boots

What would a shoe look like if a California architect designed it?  Trust me, it gets pretty interesting.

Cydwoq produces some pretty interesting uppers and I’ve gotten some really interesting ideas from looking at the footwear on the site.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any awareness of the connection between toe spring (how much the toe of the shoe lifts of the ground) and heel height.  Some of the low heeled or heelless shoes are made on lasts engineered to have more heel than provided on the shoe.

2 thoughts on “Cydwoq (‘sidewalk’)

  1. Don’t think these would work out in real life. You CAN’T just ignore heel heigh that is built into the last, nor can you ignore toe spring. Somebody’s got interesting style notions but first needs to learn how, and why, shoes are built the way they are.

    1. I agree. I was very interested in the styling of the Cydwoq footwear. I love the avant garde look of some of the styles they’ve produced. It’s just the inappropriate toe spring that gritched.

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