Creeping dumb cane

The parent plant is the large vertical stem. One offshoot is coming out of the same slit. The arrow is where another of the shoots has emerged. The base is hidden behind a leaf.

I dug into the wall to some cleaning and ran into an interesting thing.  One of the dumb canes I have planted is doing a bit of creeping under the rug.

2 thoughts on “Creeping dumb cane

  1. What type of plant is this? I believe I just inherited a plant like this, in an awkward “vase” i would love to know if you have any info – my e-mail is

    I just want to be able to take care of it properly, a customer who is retiring was cleaning out his office and brought this to me, it’s honestly kind of creepy but my hippie/southern roots are intriguing me!

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