Cordwaining is the art of making shoes.  I am seeking to embrace this art form.  How’s that for pretentious?  <LOL>

I have a bit of a problem with shoes as I wear an impossible size.  Friends say my wide little feet require boxes with laces, and they aren’t far off.  I can’t tell you where I got these ridiculously small feet.  My mother and father both had normal sized feet.  All my brothers and sisters . . . okay, I lie.  My sister has the same size feet, but for some reason I cannot fathom she’s able to wedge her feet into production shoes.  Baffles the heck out of me.  I can’t.  Well, I can, I just can’t walk comfortably when I do!  Ugh!

My 10th Century shoes
My 10th Century shoes

So I’m seeking to make shoes for myself.  I’m in the middle of a shoemaking workshop put on by Trackers NW.  It’s a good workshop, though I know I’m driving the instructor mad (I cannot deny my nature).  By the end of this coming weekend I should have a pair of shoes that fit to show for my effort.  Tenth century shoes, but shoes never-the-less.

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