Color me crying

I’m had to update my theme and it makes me sad . . . very sad. I’d had the parchment/fall colors theme from my site’s beginning in 2008. The beautiful rich colors and feather-edged layout were perfect for what I like . . . but it had to go. The last time the theme was updated by it’s author was years ago. I been treating it tenderly and coaxed it along, but those days are over. I have to have more function and it can no longer rise to the task.

Color me crying.

Nori’s Stuff images

I’ve had a bit of an issue with other sites hotlinking to Nori’s Stuff images.  Today is April 6th and my bandwidth is in excess of the total for all of last month.  Oops.  I’m delighted my site is popular but I have no desire to have my bandwidth used because someone else’s site is popular.

I’ve disabled the ability for other sites to embed my images.  If you’ve got my images hotlinked to your site you’ll need to download the image to include it in your site.  Sorry folks.  My bandwidth is MY bandwidth.  I don’t mind if you include Nori’s Stuff images in your blogs.  I do mind you do it by mining my bandwidth.