Cactus in the wall

Cactus in the wall 2/7

I’ve got three kinds of cactus in the wall now.  I’ve got a small orchid cactus cutting, three big heliocereus cuttings and a handful of Christmas Cactus cuttings (three different colors).

One of the Christmas cactus was blooming when I put it in the wall.  I thought the blossom would drop off but it hasn’t.  It’s continued to progress, extending its second ring of petals and extending all the beautiful inner parts.

Bloomin' cactus 2/14 - Christmas cactus in the center and heliocereus on the right.

The Christmas cactus colors are salmon (the one blooming), lavendar (a gift to my mother from the Fisherman’s Wives when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer) and a white that was part of a small starter arrangement I bought.

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