Buds and blooms

Begonia blossom starting

Plants in the new wall are starting to put out buds and blooms.  I’m a bit surprised.  The old wall was a couple months old before I saw blossoms.

The begonia that’s got a blossom starting is a cutting I got from Mary.  I’m really surprised it’s got a blossom already.  I didn’t root the cutting, just stuck it in a slit in the felt.  The other two begonias in the wall are doing well but this little one is surprising in the speed with which it’s produced a flower.

Oxalis showing buds

The oxalis had a blossom on it when I planted it in the wall.  The plant looked shocky for a couple weeks while the blossom finished, but now the plant is putting out buds and is growing vigorously.  It’s going to be interesting to watch.  When its happy it blooms almost continuously.

I’m a bit surprised the streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) hasn’t produced flowers.  There are flower stalk buds on the leaf stems but no flower stalks . . . yet.

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