Bog Coat

I've used my 4" Square Dance pinwheel template for the border. The navy edge adds a nice finish.

I’ve been participating in a bog coat project with other members of our Guild.  I’m running my plan on this one by the seat of my pants, making it up as I go along. <grin>  Is there any other way?

I have my bog coat basted/pin together to give a glimpse of what it looks like pre-appliqué.  I won’t cut the neck opening until the coat has been quilted.

I’m to the point where I have to get the appliqué done.  I’m planning to use some eclectic fish patterns inspired by concrete stamps.  Should be fun . . . and bright!  <grin>

I’m preassembling the appliquéd fish.  When I’m ready to apply them I’ll undo all the basting and set all the blocks aside while I fasten the appliqué onto the coat body.  That’ll reduce the bulk I have to hold.

Karen’s going to quilt it for me (that’s the plan) and she’ll add other under water elements to fill out the tropical sea theme.

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