Better growbed pic

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Here’s a better picture of the current growbed growth.

The fill/drain assembly is dead center of the bed totally hidden from this angle by the foliage.

I don’t know what the big leafy thing is.  It was in the mixed lettuce seed pack I got.  LouAnn got some of it as well and says it’s hard on her stomach so I’ll try cooking it.  It might be a chard of some kind or a hardy spinach.  If cooking doesn’t improve its digestibility I’ll yank it and plant something else.

The tomato on the right is a variety of roma.  I have no idea what kind the one on the left is.  It’s got blossoms and is just starting to set fruit.

In the front left corner is a pepper.  It hasn’t got blossoms yet.  Only two of the six I have in soil have a blossom starting, so the race is on.   I planted three or four varieties of pepper, so we’ll see what we get.

The greenery you see in the foreground is the tops of the water iris and corkscrew reed also being fed by the fish.

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