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The bottom two rows are the last of the orange blocks

Now that the planting and planning for the new plant wall is winding down I’m getting back to working on my sunset quilt.

When I pull the top off the design wall to sew the rows of orange blocks on I’m going to resew a portion of the sun.

If you click the image to enlarge it you can see there’s a bit too much slack in the lower right quadrant which causes the sun to lose its roundness.  That may seem like a nit-picky thing, but that part of the sun doesn’t appear to be behind gauzy clouds.  It’s a small detail, but it’s going to drive me nuts if I don’t do something about it.

Having a picture helps me see which blocks need to be swapped or rotated.  See the second row from the bottom?  The farthest left block and the 3rd from the left have the same material at the top.  I need to rotate one of those to break up any impression of a pattern.

2 thoughts on “Back to quilting

  1. I was looking for inspiration for making a sunset quilt and found this one on your site today! How big are the finished blocks and what is the finished size of the quilt?

    1. 4″? 6″? I think 6″. I vaguely remember saying to LouAnn if I were to use the block as a base for applying random color again, I’d use the 4″ version.

      I think the concept would work with any block pattern. It might be fun to use a wide variety of blocks to apply the color so quilters could point and say “Oh look! There’s a Churn Dash! And a Jacob’s Ladder!” Where the color changes, make two blocks, one of each color and cut and splice so the joins goes through the block where needed.

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