Wadly resetting the wall hanger.

After hanging the wall and getting started with the planting I decided it needed to be at a bit different height . . . <wince> . . . twice.  Wadly’s such a sweetie.  <rolls eyes at self>  He lowered it and then raising it back up partway.  I’m happy.  It’s a good thing we’re still in temporary digs and holes in the wall and ceiling are very much not an issue.

My advice . . . plan on how you’re going to make adjustments to your wall in the construction phase.  Even if you don’t think you will ever move it, plan to.  Patrick Blank moved his wall from one apartment to another and his wall is probably twenty times the size of mine.  That must have been a feat.


I have an eye hook in the center top of my wall and an eye hook in the ceiling about 18″ out from the wall.  Wadly brought in his rope come-along and we suspended the plant wall from the ceiling while he made adjustments to the hanger height.  The hanger system is an old standard, a 2by cut at a slant.  The wall has one half which locks into the plant wall half.  To make this hanger, cut down the length at an angle and you’ve got both parts of a strong and effective hanger.  I like this arrangement because it holds the plant wall vertical and keeps it away from the building wall.

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