Spring gardening

I did a bit of planting this last week.  I got lots of Jiffy pellets stuffed with a variety of seeds which are now between invisible and a bit over an inch tall.  That’s a lot of growth in a week in my mind . . . And I got some other stuff planted out in pots in the yard.

I got a pretty red canna, some caladium and hosta, an elephant ear, some daffs and freesias and other flowering stuff divided between three big pots.    The three pots we planted are truly an eclectric collection of ornamental and flowering plants.  It should be interesting to see what they look like.

I rescued a lovely multiple pink rose with a wonderful scent which I’ve been eyeing  behind some downed posts on Skinner.  It was tiny and in a really bad spot, half under a fir tree, surrounded by silal and wisteria cuttings.  I stuck it in a planter inside a ring of glads.  We’ll see how it does.

I also rescued a couple Siberian iris tubers from the verge just down from the vet’s office.  There’s a patch of them growing in the chick grass and weeds.  I couldn’t put them in with my other irises as that bed is totally full, so I dropped one in two of the pots with the other stuff.  Next year I’ll try and be more organized . . .

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