Second shoulder with neck shaping

Second shoulder caston

At the end of the knitting instruction for the first shoulder, you’re at the center back. Start the next shoulder’s row by row instruction with a longtail caston.

  • Row 11 continued: CO 25 (69 sts).
  • Row 12: K2, pm, incL, k1, w&t (4 sts). (knit side front neck edge marker placed in this row)
  • Row 13: P1, pm, P1, incl, sm, p2 (5 sts). (shoulder marker placed in this row)
  • Row 14: K2, sm, incl, k2, sm, k1, incl, k2, pm, k2, w&t (11 sts). (knit side back raglan marker placed in this row)
  • Row 15: P2, sm, p4, sm, p1, incL, p2, sm, p2 (12 sts).
  • Row 16: K2, sm, incl, pm, k4, sm, k1, incl, k3, sm, incl, k6, w&t (19 sts). (knit side front raglan marker placed in this row)
  • Row 17: p7, sm, p5, sm, p1, incl, p3, sm, incl, p1, sm, p2 (21 sts).
  • Row 18: K2, sm, incl, k2, sm, k5, sm, k1, incl, k4, incl, k11, w&t (28 sts).
  • Row 19: P12, sm, p6, sm, p1, incL, p4, sm, incL, p3, sm, p2 (30 sts).
  • Row 20: K2, sm, incL, k4, sm, k6, sm, k1, incL, k5, sm, incL, k16, w&t (37 sts).
  • Row 21: P17, sm, p7, sm, p1, incL, p5, sm, incL, p5, sm, p2 (39 sts).
  • Row 11: K2, sm, incL, k6, sm, k7, sm, k1, incL, k6, sm, incL, k23, twin last stitch of first shoulder (49 sts).
Shaped neck, second shoulder

Your work should look like this.

Now that you know how it works, frog it and let’s make this baby for real! On to the we want good fit finale.