Good fit finale!

If you jump to this page thinking you’re going to be able to master this without doing the work, sorry. Unless you’re a wunderkind, it’s unlikely. This is a skills progression and the lessons have been laid out to give you the skills/understanding you need to master this last step. Without working through the lessons, you won’t have the understanding to make this last bit happen. If you have worked through the lessons and you get to this point and are lost, ping me and I’ll figure out where my instruction failed you and see if we can get you back on track.

Here’s the spreadsheet (Conti-RagTK2-01) you will need for your final test-knit.

I’ll add to this page as people work through the test knit using their own measurements.

For those of you who have knit some form of conti-rag before, heads up. Before I test fit mine I thought I would be able to skip the short row shaping at the top of the sleeve after the shoulderline rows were complete. Not so. It didn’t fit quite as well (slight ridges in the fabric from lack of sleeve cap shaping). With the increase rows being spaced with non-increase rows to reach Point C, I worked one set of raglan increase rows (one set is two rows) and worked the short rows in the first non-increase row. I haven’t test fit it yet (not enough work complete to do that) but it looks good. I’ll report my result as I get the sweater far enough along to test fit.