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Conti-rag tutorial requirements

Before attempting this tutorial you should be a fairly accomplished knitter. I’m going to assume you can knit and purl, work an increase (please feel free to use the increase of your choice) and read your knitting.

For this tutorial you can knit with the numbers I give you (probably smart for your first attempt), or you can work a swatch and get row and stitch counts and try for something that will allow you to test fit your project.

Even if you choose to use my numbers I’m going to recommend you test swatch. You need to LIKE the fabric that results so don’t short yourself on this. It’s unlikely your first effort will develop into something you will wear so come prepared with a yarn/needle combo you like in a yarn that frogs easily. It’s unlikely frogging isn’t in your future.

You need this list of items (some are necessary if you don’t intend to test fit, though this is entirely unnecessary to learning the techniques):

  • At least one skein of cotton DK yarn with needles that produce a fabric whose drape you like
  • A handful of stitch markers
  • If you are test fitting you’ll need
  • Willingness to try new things, even things you come up with on your own! This is essential for everyone! Be the intrepid explorer! Be daring!
  • Ability to be patient with my knitting style (continental combined mirrored) until you figure out what needs done. If you can’t figure out what to do on the wrong side rows, YELL. I really can turn my work and work the wrong side if you need it and I won’t hate you for asking.

Once you’ve got all your supplies at hand, it’s time to dive in.

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