Conti-rag tutorial requirements

Before attempting this tutorial you should be a fairly accomplished knitter. I’m going to assume you can knit and purl, work an increase (please feel free to use the increase of your choice) and read your knitting. This technique is just that, a technique, like raglan or contiguous or set in sleeves. It’s not a pattern. If you create a sample please share it on Ravelry. This is not a proprietary process. You are free to use it however you choose, in any sweater, create any pattern. This is an open source technique. If you have something to add to it, please do. If you have a great idea for a pattern, create it and sell it to anyone interested. The more we share, the more we collaborate, the better the result will be.

Because the project we’re working uses a spreadsheet to calculate stitches, rows and turns, the size of the needle and the weight of the yarn is entirely up to you. Use any yarn/needle combination you like.

To start, you will need to knit a test swatch. Accurate row and stitch counts are vital so don’t short yourself on this. You want to be able to test fit this when you’re done.

This is a test knit to show you how the shoulder is knit and you will most likely frog it so select a yarn/needle combo you like in a yarn that frogs easily. The heavier the yarn the faster the project will go and the easier it will be to see/count the stitches/rows. If you’re feeling intrepid and want to work this in fingering, go for it! The choice is entirely yours to make.

You will need: