Conti-rag, measuring

Conti-rag shoulder

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The conti-rag shoulder is unique and I’m delighted to be able to share it with you. I currently have four sweaters with this shoulder and they truly are the most comfortable garments I own.

For the test-knit worksheet with back neck shaping you’ll need to collect nine measurements. I only want to go through the measuring bit once though you won’t use some of them for the straight back version or the sampler shaped neck version. If you’re going to jump into a sweater, you’ll need more measurements than these and I’ll try and lay that out for you once the shaped neck sampler part is done.

The goal here is a beautiful fit and that requires more than standard (S/M/L/XL) measurements. This is not a traditional shoulder so traditional measurements aren’t going to help you very much.

Front measurement spots

Take your measurements with care. Good fit depends on a quality swatch for stitch and row counts and accurate measurements. The measuring points will be described more fully in the measurements section (next page). Here’s the overview.

  1. (not used as a point)
  2. Top of the shoulder where arm and shoulder meet
  3. Top of torso/arm crease in front
  4. Top of torso/arm crease in back

These are the measurements you will be providing.

  1. Neck opening width
  2. Shoulder width
  3. Front width
  4. Back width
  5. Upper arm circumference at top of torso/arm crease
  6. Front positive armhole shaping depth
  7. Back positive armhole shaping depth
  8. Depth of armhole including ease (won’t  be used on sampler or initial test-knits)
  9. Preferred ease for torso (won’t  be used on sampler or initial test-knits)

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