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April 9, 2012

Dragon entry – officially cool!

Dragon Entry

This is officially cool! I love how the dragon is made up of clay tiles shaped like hands, birds, leaves, lizards, bats, butterflies and bits and pieces. Very cool.  This work of art is by Elena Eidelberg.

Agglomeration,Pioneer Spirit

January 17, 2012

Winter wonderland

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Our winter wonderland from the deck

Boopy Girl all dressed in winter white

The arrow marks the spot - that's 1/3 of the way to the county road. The drive goes to the left around the south-east pasture and along the barely visible tree line to the arrow where the pasture meets the trees. It then hangs a left and goes another 400 feet down a hill and around a sharp corner before hitting the maybe-plowed county road.

I think we can safely say winter is here, don’t you?

I had plans for today but with the depth of the snow, the length of our driveway, the fact that it’s still snowing and projected to continue snowing all day, I think those plans are officially toast.

If anybody in the neighborhood is going to the store, I need some stuff.  Call me.  <grin>


September 15, 2011

DIY vinyl lettering


The totally goth Lupo.

Our son has a goth Grand Wagoneer Jeep he has named Lupo.  Everyone who comes up behind it knows it is named Lupo because he has “Lupo” in chrome letters on the back . . . just southwest of the bumper sticker which says “I have evil minions on retainer.”  I did say it was goth.  Matt black with chrome accents?  That doesn’t scream “goth”?

I have a ’96 Sonoma in pretty dark teal with custom white and pink striping I call “Boop” after Betty Boop . . . because she’s got great legs.  I don’t have neat lettering on the back to inform everyone my pickup is named Boop, but I will have shortly.  I’ve ordered custom vinyl lettering from DIY Lettering.  I will shortly have raspberry pink lettering on the back of my Boop to match the pink pinstripes!  Chrome lettering wouldn’t be appropriate on something this girly!


May 15, 2011

Our cabin by the lake


Our cabin by the lake

LouAnn gave Terry a cedar cabin for his birthday.  We’ve moved it around trying to find the perfect spot.  I think we’ve got it!  Not everyone has a cabin by the lake!


January 16, 2011

Hey, we’re computing here!

It's a family thing!

Lorr and I are doing our “you do it like this” and “can you change that” during a recent visit.  We rock!  <LOL>

Lorr’s launched a new website to track his stuff.  Hey!  It’s a family thing!


November 26, 2010

Snow chimes


Snow chimes

Between snow, wind and motion, there’s a lovely little shallow dish carved out below the wind chime where the feather has kept the snow brushed away.  Isn’t nature wonderful?


August 15, 2010

Air Conditioning

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Overworked yellow jacket

The pump house has a temporary roof which just begs for critters to build their nests therein.  It’s a fav spot for yellow jackets, though the space is tight.

The yellow jackets started their nest under the metal in much more temperate weather.  Though it’s barely 9 a.m., it’s already promising to be in excess of 80º.  The yellow jackets have already got the air conditioning going full blast.  This little guy is working his wings off to get the air moving up the channel to cool the nest.  It’s a bit difficult to see in the picture but he’s got his body canted in such a way as to direct the flow of air up the channel.


August 8, 2010

Bead Lanyard


Bead lanyard

I got a replacement cell phone yesterday. The new one is beauteous! It has a slide out qwerty keyboard, which is nice for the 6 or 7 text messages I send a year <rolls eyes>.

I got my bead lanyard switched over this morning. I like the bead lanyard because it does a few important things. It helps me correctly orient my phone without looking, allows me to keep hold of the slippery little sucker, identifies my phone at a glance and hangs out of my pants pocket so I can easily and quickly retrieve it. That’s a pretty good list for a length of Kevlar fishing line and a miscellaneous collection of beads.

Oh, and can you tell I like blue?