Flood tank flush rework

Flush mechanism as flood tank fills

Though hard to see in this photo, there is a black hose attached to a white plastic elbow which allows water to flow into the counter-weight bottle when the water in the flood tank reaches sufficient height.

I made this change because the previous setup was too sensitive.  This is less of a surgical solution and more of a “hit it with a hammer” fix.  It works really well.

I haven’t gotten the second grow bed tray installed.  I’ll get there . . .

Dark green

Dark green blocks are now ready to add.

I finally got the light green section done and the blocks for the dark green section assembled.  I’ll get them sewed together and joined to the body of the quilt top next.  The dark purple and black sections are still left to do, but I’ve less than a 100 blocks left to sew to be done!

I moved the quilt top up to the ceiling so I could work on the bottom and now the clothes line is visible near the top.

Worm casting tea

One of the really good organic solutions for six legged pests is worm casting tea.  I make a really small amount, but if you need to treat a bigger area, it’s easy to make more.  Thanks to Ray on the Barrelponics Yahoo group for the instruction.

You’ll need a small airstone and a air pump.  My aquarium air pump has two ports so I plug into the spare for making worm casting tea.

I’m giving the instructions for a quart, as that’s the amount I can make and use up before it’s not any good any more.  It needs to be used within (if memory serves) a couple days.

For a quart, use filtered water, add 1.25 ounces of worm castings, drop the airstone in the bottom and let it bubble away for 12-24 hours.

Strain it and spray it where you need it taking care to get the under side of the leaves as well as the stems and tops.

Here’s the bonus bit.  It’s perfectly safe for plant walls and aquaponic systems.  Can’t beat that!

Wood fern

The leaf isn't fully formed but it's showing great promise.

At least one of the wood fern planted in the left side of the wall is doing really well.  The potted plants that sit in front of the wall block me from doing a close inspection so I have to wait until something pokes out into view or pull the pots away from the wall.  The pots weigh over 100 lbs apiece and I’m not yet curious enough to go to the effort of moving all three.  It won’t be long before the avocado goes out side for the summer.  Maybe then I’ll pull the pots away and take a good look.

The bright green spikey bits above the wood fern is the rain forest flowering cactus from Honduras/Nicaragua . . . heliocereus.  The plant is growing really fast . . . over 36″ of new growth just in that section of the plant since it went in the wall.  That’s a lot of growth.

The dumb canes (light green leaves) are also doing really well.  Both plants show good growth.

The dieffenbachia cuttings are also doing well.  The parrot’s beak croaked.  It wasn’t getting enough light.  I’ll start another lower in the wall where it won’t be blocked.  The jade plant is still growing, strangely enough.