Progress 3

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In fitting the dark blue/purple stripe to the pink, I realized I have to have another row at the very top of the quilt for balance.  I’ve got more fabric pulled for the squares, I just need to get them cut and assembled.

I’ve got the pink section pinned to the dark blue/purple where it goes.  I’m going to try glue basting the match points instead of pinning.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m after a perfect match so the integrity of the square dance block shape continues throughout.

I took the pink I cut off the top and reconfigured it to extend the bottom of the pink strip.  That worked really well.  I’m going to do the same with the blue strip below the pink.  I may have to add another row of blue squares.  I’ll have to see how much I can use of the part I cut off.

I’ve got more orange sorted out but not cut yet.  I’ve had little opportunity to work on this in the last couple days.  It feels good to be back on it even if I have to do this in bits and drabs.


Cordwaining is the art of making shoes.  I am seeking to embrace this art form.  How’s that for pretentious?  <LOL>

I have a bit of a problem with shoes as I wear an impossible size.  Friends say my wide little feet require boxes with laces, and they aren’t far off.  I can’t tell you where I got these ridiculously small feet.  My mother and father both had normal sized feet.  All my brothers and sisters . . . okay, I lie.  My sister has the same size feet, but for some reason I cannot fathom she’s able to wedge her feet into production shoes.  Baffles the heck out of me.  I can’t.  Well, I can, I just can’t walk comfortably when I do!  Ugh!

My 10th Century shoes
My 10th Century shoes

So I’m seeking to make shoes for myself.  I’m in the middle of a shoemaking workshop put on by Trackers NW.  It’s a good workshop, though I know I’m driving the instructor mad (I cannot deny my nature).  By the end of this coming weekend I should have a pair of shoes that fit to show for my effort.  Tenth century shoes, but shoes never-the-less.

Let there be chives

I sneaked a peek below the gravel and my chives are sprouting.

I’ve been eating lettuce out of the bed for over a week now.  Nummy stuff.  I chop some red and green peppers, some green onions (stuck one in the bed to let it go to seed so I have seeds to sow – I’ll let you know how that turns out), toss in some ripe raspberries and a bit of chopped tomato and splash on a little Lighthouse Blue Cheese vinagrette and I’m in heaven.

Progress 1

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I’ve gotten more blocks assembled.  I have the dark blue blocks for the top done, the blue blocks in the upper middle done and the red blocks around the sun done.  I haven’t sewed the blocks together.

I don’t have quite enough pink wedges cut.  When I was digging through my scrap boxes for the red to make the cloud layer that covers part of the sun I also pulled pink for the pink sky stripe and purple/eggplant/magenta for the dark purple section below the green.  I need to cut wedges from the pink fabrics so I’m sure I have enough.

I’ve got to cut more orange wedges as I have less than ¼ of the number I need.  I have 4 or 6 wedges cut from 16 different fabrics.  That’s not even 100 wedges.  Each orange row is at least 2 blocks high, so 15 (blocks per row) x 2 (rows of blocks per section) x 4 (number of wedges per block) x 2 (number of stripes of orange) = 480 wedges.  That’s not counting the center square.  I’ll need 60 of those and I’m sure I’ve got maybe 30 of those cut.  I’ve got to dig through my scrap box and see how many more orange fabrics I can find.  The more variety in shade and texture the better the section will look.

Below the orange will be green.  I have a really puny supply of green fabrics.  I seem to use those up really fast.  I can see this may be a problem.  I may have to raid LouAnn’s stash and go shopping.  Hmmm.

Sunset Quilt

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I’m working on a color wash quilt.  Don’t gag, it’s not your usual color wash.  I’m using my 4″ square dance templates as the building blocks.  I’m not making pinwheels, just using the block design as a vehicle for delivering random colors.  I think it’s gonna be cool.  Given my penchant for bright colors and eclectric design, you know it’s gotta be different.

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I started by cutting a bunch of pinwheel wedges and center squares and sewing them together randomly with no two of the same fabric in the same block.  Then I started throwing them up on my design wall.

I’m sticking religiously to the square units.  Where the color changes I’m cutting the sections along the division lines and matching the block shape where the new color joins.  You’ll probably need to click on the image to see what I’m talking about.

Seeding the growbed

I picked up a seed pack of chives last week.

Lorr (most esteemable son) gave me a coco coir planter liner which I sliced and diced to get a 4″x2″ rectangle to use as a chive seed sprouting plate for my growbed.  I soaked the coco coir rectangle in the fish tank for a few minutes, dug a hole in the grow bed until I was looking at damp rocks, placed the coco coir rectangle therein, sprinkled some chive seeds atop it and backfilled with gravel.

I’ll let you know what happens.  Hopefully greeny things will emerge.

Better growbed pic

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Here’s a better picture of the current growbed growth.

The fill/drain assembly is dead center of the bed totally hidden from this angle by the foliage.

I don’t know what the big leafy thing is.  It was in the mixed lettuce seed pack I got.  LouAnn got some of it as well and says it’s hard on her stomach so I’ll try cooking it.  It might be a chard of some kind or a hardy spinach.  If cooking doesn’t improve its digestibility I’ll yank it and plant something else.

The tomato on the right is a variety of roma.  I have no idea what kind the one on the left is.  It’s got blossoms and is just starting to set fruit.

In the front left corner is a pepper.  It hasn’t got blossoms yet.  Only two of the six I have in soil have a blossom starting, so the race is on.   I planted three or four varieties of pepper, so we’ll see what we get.

The greenery you see in the foreground is the tops of the water iris and corkscrew reed also being fed by the fish.

Vertical garden backer board

I had intended to go to a plastics place in Portland (1½ hrs away) to scope out the right backer board for my next vertical garden as soon as my budget would allow but fortuitous events have changed my plans.

Our Guild is having it’s every-other-year fund raiser quilt show, one of those dual purpose things.  It gives our Guild and local area quilters a place to show their work and it raises funds for our Guild.  Our Guild President is making sandwich board signs for directing traffic to the show.

I tell you all this because our Pres’s husband works for the state in the printing department where they press-cut the envelopes out of big sheets of paper using a thick plastic sheet as the punch base.  He brought two of these to use for cutting out sandwhich boards for the quilt show.

Each sheet is used three or four times on each side in the press before it’s pulled to be recycled.  These sheets are about 3′ x 4′ x ½”  and appear to be the PERFECT backing for a vertical garden wall.  I don’t know if they are LDPE or PVC, but I think they are going to be great!  The state will not part with these readily, other than the donation to our Guild, as they get money for them at recycle.  I will have to do more research into this to determine exactly what the sheet is, where I can get them pre-recycle and how much they cost in that condition.  I certainly don’t need new for something that’s covered by felt and periodically flooded with water.