Caring for rescued dogs

We now have three dogs who are rescues. They each had different needs when they arrived.

Happy needed to know she would always have food. She gets her share of treats and is fed dog food every evening. She is happy. She will always be just a little bit more anxious about food, but it isn’t the big problem it was in the beginning.

Chloe needed to be part of a strong pack with consistent discipline. She gets that and she is learning not to bounce into people and no longer shies away as if she expects to get smacked. She still is a little over-enthusiastic, but that’s improving. She does a great belly-up apology, which is a huge improvement from when she first arrived.

Chuck has been the most interesting rescue because he has both health and emotional issues. Now that most of his issues have been addressed, he’s maturing into a very nice little fellow with an excellent sense of humor. We don’t pamper or fuss over him. He gets the same life the other dogs get with food, love and discipline. I do make an effort to ensure he stays warm as he is not naturally equipped with lots of hair. He doesn’t sleep with us, which I think is a good thing for all. Because he sleeps in his own bed he is becoming more independent, which is healthy. He hates having his ears and eyes doctored, but it is still occasionally required and he has to cowboy up. He has a great over-the-shoulder-you’re-a-traitor look when he trots away after being treated. He is SO amusing.

Last week Wadly had his first experience of giving all the dogs treats. Chucky lined up with all the big dogs to get his share and Terry found it as amusing as I do. Dogs are the best.

Growbed up and running!

Testing.  More gravel will be added before planting.
Testing. More gravel will be added before planting. You can see the top of the auto-siphon inside the 4" pipe in the center.

I got my smallest growbed up and running.  It’s sitting on the end of a 100 gallon Rubbermaid water trough with 4 big goldfish therein.  In the background you can see the corkscrew reeds and water irises.  I have planted starts of tomato, pepper, onion, lettuce and a single marigold.  I’ll get pictures of the planted bed in the next couple days and get it posted.

I’ve given instructions on putting this growbed together.  The link is  “Auto-siphon” under Pages in the menu.